Meet Mamta Sahota

Mamta is the award winning author of the book Sell Your House for more. Based on 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience Mamta has developed a step by step guide for home sellers to sell their house faster and at record breaking price.

Mamta Sahota is the owner and president of Your Image Toronto Inc. She is an experienced marketing professional who has provided brand consultancy services at various levels of corporations and community organizations. Her expertise is in the area of developing comprehensive marketing campaigns. This may include business development consultancy, communications, development of a marketing plan, on-line
marketing, public relations, and so much more.

Mamta prepares customised real estate marketing campaigns for Team Vick Sahota. Mamta is taking the lead in providing full exposure to real estate properties with comprehensive marketing campaigns, ranging from newspaper, radio, e-mail, and on-line marketing.

Before entering into the real estate market, Mamta had worked with various Citizenship and Immigration Canada funds projects, serving newcomers to Canada. Mamta has served the city of Mississauga for years. Her marketing project to promote the Doors Open Mississauga annual event was nominated for best Community Development Project.

Overall, Mamta is a great marketer and strategist who loves serving the community. Mamta is passionate to see more and more families enjoying their evenings together under their own roof.

Vishal Ram
Roop Kaur