Meet Vick Sahota

Vick Sahota is the award winning author of the book Sell Your House for More. Based on 18 years of experience in sales Vick has put together all the 10 steps required to sell a house for more.

Vick Sahota is a GTA based realtor with extensive experience in the local real estate market. Vick has a passion for real estate and for helping individuals in all walks of life. Whether it is a bachelor pad, your first home, or upsizing to accommodate a growing family, Vick will use his expertise and experience to make sure you make the right decisions and are satisfied with your transaction. Vick will ensure that you find a home that is the right size, in the right neighborhood, and the right price for your lifestyle.
When it comes to selling a home, Vick implements the concept of a full service realtor. Vick has put together his team of professionals to provide all services under one roof. He prepares customised programs for your house and takes care of all ten steps, starting from preparation to presentation of the house. Vick’s unique marketing
campaign gives full exposure to your property, which turns into a quick and record breaking sale.
Before entering the real estate market, Vick built a career in marketing and sales. He worked for large, international companies in India and Canada. Vick also gained pertinent business experience during his time in logistics with Wal-Mart Canada. Outside of his professional life, Vick values the community and gives priority to becoming involved and helping others. Vick has provided consultation to families who are trying to assist their loved ones through sponsorships and Visa forms. In addition, Vick provides workshops to new immigrants who are interested in settling down and making the key decision of whether they should rent or buy their first home.
Overall, Vick Sahota is more than just a realtor. He is a hardworking and compassionate individual who will always put your needs first and make sure that you have everything you need in order to find the perfect home.

Neelima Datt
Tamoor Sajid